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History of Czech fine art

History of Czech art can be traced back more than 30000 years with the famous Venus of Vēstonice, a female statue found on a region of Moravia. There are many representatives of this country who have actively contributed to the world of creativity and expression giving place to the emergence of new tendencies.


The contribution of Czech artists to Impressionism and Symbolism

The birth of modern Czech landscape painting influenced fundamentally Antonín Slavíĉek (1870-1910). In his pictures he reflects not only the optical atmospheric phenomena, he also tries to express individual destinations and an interior sense of sceneries.

Symbolism first appeared in the sculptural work of the mystic František Bílek (1872-1941). They express the tragedy of life and at the same time they constitute a representation of human existence.

Jan Preisler (1872-1918) was the leader of the generation of the 90s with a work that combines Symbolism and Impressionism. Paintings of this artist like The Story or Black Lake produce in the viewer the sensation of enigma, mystery and sadness.

Max Švabinský (1873-1962) was a virtuoso sketcher, painter and engraver. He made colored ink drawings of China. He was the founder of the school of engraving and the author of many monumental pieces due to his exceptional skills.


Czech fine art and modernism

The name of Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939) is inevitably the echo of Modernism. The consciousness of this artist soon spread outside the Czech boundaries and reached as far as Paris. He produced famous posters for the actress Sarah Bernhardt that immediately captivated the public.

This current was soon followed by Cubism with remarkable representatives such as Bohumil Kubišta and Emil Filla. The work of this last one expresses a deep reflection in regards to war. Probably his best creations were made during his stay at Holland around 1914.

Bohumil Kubišta was a passionate defender of modern art and critic of other trends. He employed a vast knowledge of optics and physiology on each one of his creations. Even these days, Czech representatives keep contributing to the evolution of fine arts.




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